“Pink isn’t easy to do right,” says Nutcase founder Michael Morrow. “In fact pink and red are both hard to find the right shade and the right intensity.”

But we also have a thing with pink. And our thing is, sometimes it’s just the perfect spring-to-summer color. So when we started thinking about the Daisy Pink helmet, Michael and his design team searched a long time for the perfect pink.

Daisy Pink is a new generation of our Daisy Dream design, with a couple of refinements. Click below to go to our Gen3 Daisy Pink helmet product page.

Michael wanted Daisy Pink to be fresh, with a certain sweetness, and intergenerational – i.e. that the helmet would work equally well for a Little Nutty and for a Street helmet.

“Pink can go from hot hot neon to soft baby,” Michael said. “I wanted some of that softness, just enough of it.”

Most new helmet designs go through two or three stages of sampling, to make sure the chosen colors can be replicated with veracity on our production line. Some colors, as Michael said, are harder to get perfect every time, and with the whispery pink in Daisy Pink, those review stages were important.

Michael usually gets his inspiration for helmet designs from many culture sources, and now, one of the newer social media sources–Pinterest, is an important part of his color review.

Helmets galore! From left: Boogie, Daisy Pink, Island Sunset, Cloud Nine.

Helmets galore! Boogie, Daisy Pink, Island Sunset, Cloud Nine.

Doing color selection checks on Pinterest is valuable, Michael says, because sometimes he’ll have an intuition of a coming color or design trend, and refining that idea by checking what people are pinning is key to getting a perfect shade.

“There’s something about Pinterest–it’s become a great tool for me as a way to double check my inspirations and see whether the world is seeing a color I’m thinking about in the same way that I am. It’s really helpful that way – Pinterest, I mean – as a way to check out the trending vocabulary of colors.”

And so it was with Daisy Pink. The helmet has a freshness with its perfect pale pink and the addition of a field of daisies, slightly smaller and slightly less prominent than with our Daisy Dream design. And there’s a matching bell to top it off.

Daisy PInk with matching visor (far left).

Daisy PInk with matching visor (far left).

“What I was going for was charming – a helmet that you see from a ways away but that is a little subtle, a little sweet, and not at all in your face. I think different people can look at this helmet and see different things, but all of them are feel-good. It’s the kind of design that a mother and her daughter could both wear.”

Click below to go to our Little Nutty Daisy Pink helmet product page.