• Rubber Duckies & Love Letters: The Nutcase Story

    It all started with some unfortunate rubber duckies. View Post
  • “Pink isn’t easy to do right,” says Nutcase founder Michael Morrow. “In fact pink and red are both hard to find the right shade and the right intensity.” But we also have a thing with pink. And our thing is, sometimes it’s just the perfect spring-to-summer color. So when we started thinking about the Daisy… View Post
  • Hula Vibe Helmet

    It's no secret that Nutcase founder Michael Morrow gets rest, relaxation, and inspiration from trips to the islands. But on one of his last trips he got something a little extra: a torn Achilles heel. View Post
  • Bike joy is important to Todd, but for his re-introduction to riding, he is also clear that his reasons to ride are originating with a cause he deeply believes in and is passionate about. View Post
  • It started with a sugar skull. Nutcase founder Michael Morrow became fascinated with the intricate and elaborate sugar-spun skulls that are part of indigenous Mexican culture. View Post
  • Into the Island Sunset

    Finding a shade of purple that is not too reddish, not too mauve, not too dark, and not overly fussy – was key for the new 2015 Island Sunset Street helmet. View Post
  • Happy Easter Helmet

    Cute chicks, cute eggs, cute bunnies. Easter egg hunts and too much chocolate candy. Strange marshmallow animals that people actually eat, and way too many hours spent by moms and dads on beautifully crafty eggs that kids just can’t fully appreciate. Is this the meaning of Easter? Well, no. Some would automatically answer that it… View Post
  • There’s a story behind every single Nutcase helmet design. It may not be a story we’ve told yet. It may be that the story still only exists in the mind (or minds) of the creator. And some of the stories are simply a recording of the steps we took – funny, frustrating, endless – to… View Post