Little Nutty

  • Little Nutty and Baby Nutty – A Silly Rhyme

    And it makes my mom so happy, when I cruise away real snappy. Welcome to the Nutcase bad poetry blog. View Post
  • “Pink isn’t easy to do right,” says Nutcase founder Michael Morrow. “In fact pink and red are both hard to find the right shade and the right intensity.” But we also have a thing with pink. And our thing is, sometimes it’s just the perfect spring-to-summer color. So when we started thinking about the Daisy… View Post
  • Do Not Lose The Dots!

    in the staid but successful 1950's the dot emblazoned almost everything. The '50 might have been polka dot's biggest decade, yet now polka dots are tried-and-true classic, and they still carry that dancing energy and happy vibe. As with every classic, Nutcase has its own interpretation. So too with Dots. View Post
  • We let some pretty tough critics - kids! - test out a fresh batch of Nutcase Little Nutty and Baby Nutty helmets while riding their Strider bikes. Here's what their parents said about the helmets. View Post
  • Dear Nutcase

    I know how important a helmet is. My mom's a nurse, and she thinks that you have the best helmets. I normally just use a regular helmet, but I would feel cooler and safer with yours. View Post
  • Little Nutty 2015 is here! Little Nutty is the Nutcase helmet specifically designed for younger heads. Little Nutty is just now debuting its third design generation, or Gen3.  Not to be confused with our Baby Nutty helmet, which is for the youngest set of cyclists, Little Nutty is tested and certified for riders over five years old by global… View Post
  • Little Nutty, the helmet specifically designed for younger heads, is now debuting its third design generation. This third generation, or Gen3, puts fit and fun together with a total of 15 different graphic styles to choose from. View Post
  • Love Your Brain,All Month Long

    At Nutcase, we try to keep it simple in an increasingly complex world. Step 1: We love our brains. Step 2: We love your brain. Step 3: We love all brains. And so, as we move into the month of March, which happens to be Brain Injury Awareness Month, we’re doing all kinds of fun… View Post