Nutcase Street Helmets

  • Skate Like A Girl at the Grotto

    We visited our friends at Skate Like A Girl Portland over the weekend at “the Grotto,” an Adidas private skatepark for Silas Baxter-Neal. While women’s skateboarding has a way to go before global brands will build them their own personal skate park, we came home feeling so positive about the work they’re doing over there. The vibe… View Post
  • Love the Laydown #2: Lumberjack Bike Helmet

    Laydown #2: What to wear with the Nutcase Lumberjack Bike Helmet - take a cue from Elegant Hippie Lindsey Morse. View Post
  • “Pink isn’t easy to do right,” says Nutcase founder Michael Morrow. “In fact pink and red are both hard to find the right shade and the right intensity.” But we also have a thing with pink. And our thing is, sometimes it’s just the perfect spring-to-summer color. So when we started thinking about the Daisy… View Post
  • Instead of a standard road-bike club format, Garrison said her Black Girls Do Bike chapters decide themselves how to organize rides and what kind of ride they'll do. One thing that all of the chapters do is have one monthly no-drop, 'no woman left behind' casual ride so that new riders can meet others in a non-stressful atmosphere. View Post
  • Do Not Lose The Dots!

    in the staid but successful 1950's the dot emblazoned almost everything. The '50 might have been polka dot's biggest decade, yet now polka dots are tried-and-true classic, and they still carry that dancing energy and happy vibe. As with every classic, Nutcase has its own interpretation. So too with Dots. View Post
  • Rather than a reliable light source, the lava lamp is really a mood setter. And that's what we tried to achieve with the Lava Lamp helmet - a lifting of mood any old day of the week. View Post
  • There are a million reasons why we can’t always bike to work. Commute’s too long, weather’s too yucky, errands are too many, duties are overwhelmingly sucky. But, there are also a few good reasons to bike to work this week, or next week, or some week soon! Research from Stanford University’s Calming Technology Lab and Spire (at FastCo.Exist) shows… View Post
  • For many years as she became a working person – a documentary filmmaker and instructor – and a mom, Jenn did not bike regularly. Six years ago, she got divorced, and on the first weekend when her two boys were with their dad, she pulled a bike out and went for a ride. View Post