• Unframed 2016 Kyle Confehr: The Artist Speaks #1

    An interview with Kyle Confehr, one of three winners of the Unframed 2016 helmet design contest. (First of our Unframed Artists Speaks series) View Post

    It's here - Unframed 2016 - and that means it is time to create helmet art. View Post
  • SEE ART! (Psst…And A New Unframed About To Start)

    See ART! It's all around the city. View Post
  • Starting at 11am tomorrow, April 23, Philadelphians can request our brand new Metroride ‘The Original‘ helmet in exchange for a $10 donation to the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia. View Post
  • Happy Easter Helmet

    Cute chicks, cute eggs, cute bunnies. Easter egg hunts and too much chocolate candy. Strange marshmallow animals that people actually eat, and way too many hours spent by moms and dads on beautifully crafty eggs that kids just can’t fully appreciate. Is this the meaning of Easter? Well, no. Some would automatically answer that it… View Post
  • Unframed is our way of getting fresh art onto fresh helmets. Since we first announced the Unframed campaign last July a lot has happened. We’ve had two rounds of artists’ submissions. We’ve chosen a total of six helmet designs. We’ve brought three artists to the 2014 Eurobike and Interbike shows in order to create live art… View Post
  • As many Nutcases might know, the Artists’ Series of helmets that we implemented for the first time  (and which will debut for sale around March 2015) is one highlight in a year packed with new products and innovation. Learning how to put complex helmet art onto spherical shapes has inspired us. As we described in… View Post
  • September 16, 2014 If you look closely at helmets with graphics, you’ll notice that most helmet makers choose designs that are simple, often even childish, and cover only a small portion of the helmet. But over the years (7, to be exact) that Nutcase has been designing helmets, we’ve gone deeper and deeper into the… View Post