Unframed is our way of getting fresh art onto fresh helmets.

Since we first announced the Unframed campaign last July a lot has happened.

We’ve had two rounds of artists’ submissions. We’ve chosen a total of six helmet designs.

Artist Sandra Ramirez doodling on a helmet.

Artist Sandra Ramirez doodling on a helmet.

We’ve brought three artists to the 2014 Eurobike and Interbike shows in order to create live art and to auction art panels to benefit our partner World Bicycle Relief.

And now, in March 2015, it is with bursting pride that we announce the global release of the first set of three of artist-designed helmets. They’re here!

RayWithhis HipHopHelmet

Ray Moore (right) with his Boogie helmet and an admirer.

Locombia with button

Locombia, Sandra Ramirez’ helmet design, is a bright dazzle of great graffiti art in a simply stylish palette.



Boogie with button

Ray Moore’s Boogie helmet design is like a quirky jazz song translated into bold shapes, colors, and word poems.



Cloud Nine with button

And Todd Standish’s Cloud Nine is a friendly burst of baroque sunshine and bikes.

Todd Standish paints while a reporter snaps a pic of his helmet.

Todd Standish paints while a reporter snaps a pic of his helmet.


We love that these new helmets combine the Gen3 features and fit we worked hard to refine and the fabulous art our artists were inspired to create. Take a look!

p.s. For just five more days, we are donating $2 of every helmet sold on nutcasehelmets.com, as well as matching donations to the Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) in honor of the work they do loving all brains. Thinking about donating? – click here. Read inspiring stories here, here, and here.

And to see a video of the Unframed experience, watch this: