Today is the first day of the second year of the American International Motorcycle Expo (AIME) held in Orlando, Florida.

Booth-building in progress before the AIME show.

Booth-building in progress before the AIME show.

Last year at the very first AIME show in 2013, Nutcase announced we were getting into the motorcycle helmet space with our Moto line of open face, DOT/ECE-certified helmets in eight popular graphic iterations.

We delivered the first Moto helmets in June 2014.

In just one year the AIME show has grown significantly to around 500 separate exhibitors – 150 new booths with everything from specialized motorcycle parts like adjustable handlebars, to exquisite leather accessories and apparel for powersports enthusiasts.

Nutcase is announcing at AIME 2014 that we are also expanding the Moto line with two exciting additions, to meet the requests of scooter and motorcycle riders.

In 2015 we’ll offer the current Salt helmet design in a size Extra Small (XS). We will also bring a popular design from the main  Bike & Skate line called Star Bright over to Moto, and will make it available in sizes Extra Small (XS) to Extra Large (XL).


The Star Bright Moto helmet.

The new sizing will help accommodate heads that are just are a bit smaller than our current Small (S), which best accommodates craniums measuring 55 to 56 centimeters.

Sales manager Chris Streight says there are two attractions for AIME show goers who spy the Nutcase booth and our Nutcase Moto Helmets.

“The first is the graphics and the second is the Moto helmet shape,” Streight said. “We’re really refreshingly different from most of what is available in motorcycle helmets. We’ve got a cool, retro-feel shape of the helmet itself, and then we combine it with eye-catching graphics. People are drawn to that.”

In Orlando? Give our booth a lookup, please!