Aerial skiers are a lithe and athletic group of sports enthusiasts. Aerialists are just one branch of the freestyle skiing genre that also includes mogul skiers and ski ballet, and they seem to do it for the love of getting airborne.


According to Wikipedia, aerial skiers or aerialists generally practice on 2-4 meter ski jumps, built out of snow using a wood framing structure underneath. The jumps help propel them up to 6 meters in the air to perform multiple flips and twists before landing on a 34 to 39-degree inclined landing hill about 30 meters in length.

That requires a helmet that is comfortable and secure. Nutcase Snow helmets have those two features covered, and right now, selected models are discounted 25% through the winter holiday season. (Giving a gift? Get it now!)


Helmets Australasia, a division of Eureka Brands, supports a number of snow sport athletes from the Victoria Institute of Sports (VIS), including aerialists.


VIS development team member Harrison Tullberg, pictured above in the Nutcase Air America Snow Helmet, is one of these athletes. To read about why Harrison likes snow, our Nutcase Snow helmets, and sushi – though not necessarily in that order, take a peek at our sister site in Australia.

(The photo leading this post is of aerial Olympic athlete Samantha Wells, who competed in the Sochi winter games and did her Nutcase helmet proud! For more on that story click here.)