Nutcase At Large

  • Next month is Brain Injury Awareness Month, and Nutcase has some happy news. In addition to our partnership with world class trials rider Ryan Leech, Nutcase has entered into a partnership with the Vienna, VA-based Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) organization. This three-way partnership is truly a meeting of the minds, said BIAA CEO… View Post
  • In addition to the improved health, Greg was feeling invigorated by the increased freedom of movement and sociability that biking gave him, and he just kept adding more biking to his life. Now 43, Greg and his wife Beth live car-free and have 7 bikes between them. View Post
  • As a young and scrappy, by-the-bootstraps helmet company, we’ve looked on to larger companies’ ability to sponsor world-class athletes and teams with a little bit of heartfelt envy. And we’ve been looking forward to the day when we could take on such partnerships ourselves. This year, we’re finally feeling ready for this next great step.… View Post
  • Today is the first day of the second year of the American International Motorcycle Expo (AIME) held in Orlando, Florida. Last year at the very first AIME show in 2013, Nutcase announced we were getting into the motorcycle helmet space with our Moto line of open face, DOT/ECE-certified helmets in eight popular graphic iterations. We delivered the first… View Post
  • Hoo! Hoo! Halloween Helmets

    Yup, it’s that season again – that short period between the start of school and winter when strange scary tableaux appear on your neighbors’ front porch and someone you know takes a trip to a pumpkin patch. It’s also a time of costumes! Halloween costumes seem to get every more elaborate (and since the permanent… View Post
  • Relax And Enjoy Your Ride

    There are certain things we as human beings want to happen really fast: roller coaster rides, dentists’ visits, and the pain of childbirth, to name just a few. We’re currently a culture that seems to value speed highly. That tends to extend to the morning commute, too. Collectively we’d rather sleep later and arrive faster… View Post
  • Surprisingly, many new Nutcase helmet buyers don’t know about the origami surprise in every helmet box – the punch-out squirrel mascot we fondly call “Punchy.” Punchy’s design is the result of the Nutcase creative team wanting to make sure unpacking our helmets is as fun as wearing them. Before the release of our Gen3 helmet… View Post
  • There are good reasons New York was named Bicycling Magazine‘s top U.S. cycling city in that publication’s October 2014 issue. In the space of a just a few years New York has built 350 miles of bikes lanes; launched a bike share program that now has nearly 100,000 members; and doubled its commuter rate between… View Post