• Next month is Brain Injury Awareness Month, and Nutcase has some happy news. In addition to our partnership with world class trials rider Ryan Leech, Nutcase has entered into a partnership with the Vienna, VA-based Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) organization. This three-way partnership is truly a meeting of the minds, said BIAA CEO… View Post
  • Helmet Bling To BeatThe Winter Blues

    Helmet bling can easily beat winter blues...for some of us. View Post
  • It’s All ‘Bout That Bell

    We're big bellers. Because we have a theory. Those who bell are the best, most courteous cyclists. View Post
  • Quick Review – Little Nutty

    Reviews, especially by parents of Little Nutty wearers, are especially gratifying, because parents and caregivers love their little ones' brains as much (or more) than they love their own. View Post
  • We let some pretty tough critics - kids! - test out a fresh batch of Nutcase Little Nutty and Baby Nutty helmets while riding their Strider bikes. Here's what their parents said about the helmets. View Post
  • Dear Nutcase

    I know how important a helmet is. My mom's a nurse, and she thinks that you have the best helmets. I normally just use a regular helmet, but I would feel cooler and safer with yours. View Post
  • Moto Makes Good

    It was with great pleasure that we recently came upon a glowing review of the Nutcase Moto helmet on the Gas2 blog. The reviewer, Joe Borrás, praised the Nutcase Moto helmet for its design. View Post
  • Our Metroride sporty commuter helmet was released last month at a great rollicking party at Portland’s Gladys Bikes. We’ve gotten some good press – people are finding that the Metroride gives you the best of two worlds: the increased ventilation and minimalist profile of sportier helmets combined with a solid sense of retro style. And of… View Post