Way To Go Winter

Psst. That’s Mark’s stylish daughter above getting ready for snow fun in the Nutcase Pink Cheetah.

Marc Romero is a man with a mission – helping people with serious physical challenges continue to find their inner athlete.

Marc became an amputee after a high school motorcycle accident. After college he rediscovered his athletic side, and made the U.S. Disabled Ski Team.


Eventually, storytelling – discovering the tales of adaptive athletes – led him to create the PBS-run documentary Heroes of the Slopes.

Now Marc is working on an extension project called the Adaptive Sports Evolution. It’s a series of video short stories about today’s top adaptive sports athletes – not just in skiing and biking but it includes ALL top adaptive and Paralympic sports participants.

And at Nutcase we feel very good about sponsoring Marc as he finds the most inspiring people and stories on and off the slopes, for those stories tell us what we all know but sometimes need reminding of: outdoor adventure and the benefits of physical activity are for all of us.

So let it snow, pour rain, or stream sunshine. With good gear and a great helmet, there’s fun to be had for every body. And hey – we just got two delicious new colors in the Nutcase Snow helmet – check them out. Vanilla Sky and Party Pink.

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See you on the road, slopes, or dirt path.