We have a heaping helmetful of helmets, helmet accessories, and fun extras coming up for sale for this holiday season.

And we’ve been getting ready for the holidays for awhile now.

As a company, Nutcase is always closed for Thanksgiving and the following day, Black Friday.

Yet when we heard about REI’s great #OptOutside campaign, in which the outdoor sports store is going to close its doors and is encouraging its employees and customers to get outside, it made us all think.

The idea is so great and appeals to our ‘great outdoors’ side.

But what if we could have (and offer) it all – a chance to participate in a great seasonal sale and also have the time to be with our friends and families, to go outside and appreciate nature, after the Thanksgiving holiday?

There is a way. We’re going to start Black Friday on Wednesday.

Beginning Wednesday, November 25 and all the way through Cyber Monday, November 30th, you can shop the Nutcase online store for our biggest sale ever. Save big on select sizes and styles across our entire line of helmets – Street, Snow, Water, and Moto – including accessories.

We wish you, your friends, your families, everyone in fact, a very Happy Thanksgiving.