Presenting – The Next Batch of Unframed Submissions

Wow! It’s that Unframed time of year, which means more Unframed submissions, and a lot more amazing, creative, surprising art from all over the globe.

It’s really inspiring to see this much creativity in one place, and especially, all over Nutcase helmets. We hope you’ll agree. Tell us your favorites in the comments. (Don’t forget to be kind.)

If you are inspired, there’s still time – our Unframed call for submissions runs until midnight November 30th. Find our template and rules here.


No. 9, Chile. “I’m a biochemist and in my free time I like drawing and painting with watercolors. I love these drawings and  think they will look awesome in helmets! They are colorful, happy, it would be like me on a helmet.”



No. 10, Chile.


No. 11, USA. “I am inspired by the nature that I am surrounded by. Although I have been many places and I love exploring new places, and find with each new environment it influences my art in very positive avenues, nothing compares to my temperate rainforest.”


No. 12, Australia. “I am a freelance illustrator specializing in character-based designs for greeting cards and children’s books. My illustrations are created using a variety of materials such as fabrics, collage and clay. I like to pay particular attention to the details and finding new ways of adding texture pattern and interest in the work I do.”


No. 13, Australia.


No. 14, Australia.


No. 15, Mexico. “What inspires me? It’s beeing alive, to see the sunsets, to feel the wind when I’m on my bicycle. To live my life according to my mind… freedom. For me, I create to get in touch with an unknown part of myself. It’s to discover, it’s to find, it’s freedom, it’s my catharsis.”


No. 16, Australia. “My 10-year-old daughter sat down one afternoon and proceeded to add a bit of life to her helmet – this took her around two hours.”


No. 17, Canada. “I am a visual artist.”


No. 18, Canada.


No. 19, Netherlands. “I work as a product designer and interior architect. I love nature and to ride my bike through nature. It would be awesome to use this helmet, with leaves or tree branches. I would be one with nature.”


No. 20, Netherlands.


No. 21, Mexico.


No. 22, USA. “I’m an interior designer of animal shelters by day, and the mother of two Nutcase boys – six and eight years old. Lots of ideas! This one is approved by people of all ages.”


No. 23, USA. “What brought me to this competition is enjoying watching your artists paint at Interbike for the past two years and my desire to do the same and to assist you in raising money for the World Bicycle Relief Fund. I am inspired by continuing to find creative ways to grow through my art, my cycling experiences, and the curiosity of life in general.”


No. 24, Mexico

tbionelove_newlogo21 (1)

No. 25, USA. “TBI One Love is a non-profit organization created to provide information, support, communication, services, contributions and interaction, networking and connection to individuals interested in and regarding Traumatic Brain Injury, prevention, recovery, and brain health. TBI One Love’s logo is an actual brain and head CT scan taken of James Durham on Dec 10, 2013 two years after his September 22nd, 2011 accident that sustained his TBI. As his brain begins to appear and disappear in this scan a perfect heart is seen; the “heart” did not exist in ANY previous scans, at any point within the many scans and images taken previously.”


No. 27, Belgium/USA.


No. 28, Belgium/USA.


No. 29, Belgium/USA.


No. 30, Belgium/USA.

Belgium 30

No. 31, Belgium/USA.


No. 32, Belgium/USA.

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