Tips For Tricks 2016:It’s All About The Practice

(To see more inspired bike drawings from the illustrator Waki-Leaks who created the figures above, go here.)

Our esteemed partner, the well-known trials rider and mountain bike expert Ryan Leech, has some new video offerings that you’ll want to watch.

One of Ryan’s greatest talents, besides his natural ability for dreaming up wild and incredible feats on the bicycle, is his knack for making it all accessible to the rest of us.

No, none of us will probably ever be as gifted and gracious as Ryan.

Ryan in Union Jack.

Ryan in Union Jack.

However, every one of us (whether old or young) can learn some new tricks, and teaching us those tricks is where Ryan absolutely shines.

That’s in part because for all of his many accomplishments and athletic accolades, Ryan never wavers from reminding us of a key truth: genius and grace are as much sweat equity as they are divine inspiration.

As Ryan says in the video below:

"I believe in practice. I don't consider myself a pro rider, I'm more of a pro practicer. What I strive for is beautiful style and technique."

Isn't that a great motto for 2016?

Ryan is also a certified yoga instructor, and its clear in conversation with him that he doesn't just give lip service to the yogic ideal of using the physical practice to also develop mental balance and fitness.

To keep a personal connection with some of the people who follow Ryan and have their own personal goals for biking, for yoga, and for fitness, Ryan offers a monthly subscription service for just $17. Members get access to all of Ryan's content history on his site, as well as emails and links to new content that fosters mountain bike riding skills development as well as physical and mental fitness training.

The community of members, Ryan said, has blossomed, and he encourages people to interact on the site's comment boards.

Watch these two Ryan Leech videos and start developing your own beautiful style and technique (and new tricks) on or off the bike.

Happy Tuesday. #2016goals

RL Connection MTB Coaching Site from Ryan Leech on Vimeo.