Pedal Chic January 2016Dealer of the Month

Congratulations, Pedal Chic!  You have been chosen as Dealer of the Month for January 2016!  And to celebrate, Nutcase Helmets would like to offer your customers a FREE BELL when they come into your shop and purchase any Nutcase Helmet.  This goes for customers in both the Greenville, SC and Nashville, TN stores.   Pedal Chic is the first women’s-specific bike shop in the country and was created by Robin Bylenga in 2010 in response to a growing need for women’s products, buying styles and product selection.


Robin is also very passionate about the potential to transform lives by bike, which is the key part of the Pedal Chic mission statement.  Pedal Chic started its first location in downtown Greenville, South Carolina and recently opened a second location owned by Wendy Timmons in the lovely Green Hills area of Nashville, TN.  And in September 2015 at Interbike, the largest cycling tradeshow in the country, Pedal Chic was named the Best Women’s/Female-Friendly Shop in the United States!


Pedal Chic is igniting a passion and inspiring a movement in the world of women’s cycling.  As Robin says, “We love to see more people on bikes!  Through our online presence and in-store location, our goal is to provide a comprehensive cycling resource created by women, for women. We want our customers to share in the journey and become part of the Pedal Chic Community – sharing their stories and touching each other’s lives.”


Since Pedal Chic’s inception, they have always been a fan of Nutcase Helmets.


“We love the brilliant designs, the artist inspired collections and the encouragement to ‘Love your Brain’,” said Robin.  “Our customers are always thrilled when they walk into the shop and find a helmet that matches their personality and their bike – especially with a matching bell!”


As more people are getting back on bikes, having an option other than the typical “race” style helmet has been a welcome innovation for the customers of Pedal Chic.  “We have built an incredible relationship with the staff and love Nutcase!”

We love YOU, Pedal Chic!!