I Love My Brain

  • Brain injuries come in a lot of different packages and no two are alike. In addition, traumatic brain injuries, often referred to as the "silent epidemic," leave survivors feeling frustrated, vulnerable and disconnected. View Post
  • Skate Like A Girl at the Grotto

    We visited our friends at Skate Like A Girl Portland over the weekend at “the Grotto,” an Adidas private skatepark for Silas Baxter-Neal. While women’s skateboarding has a way to go before global brands will build them their own personal skate park, we came home feeling so positive about the work they’re doing over there. The vibe… View Post
  • Tips For Tricks 2016:It’s All About The Practice

    Every one of us old or young dogs can learn some new tricks. View Post
  • New Movie Takeaway:“Protect Your Brain”

    The new movie Concussion leads to a simple but powerful conclusion: "Protect your brain" View Post
  •  September 12, 2014 “I love helmets!” “I luuuuvvv helmets!” This 30-second video is a fantastic testimonial for how a helmet can make you happy. Happy to have worn one, that is. Preston Majette is a 22-year-old longboarder from Tallahassee, Florida, who has been practicing his craft for a decade. Recently, at a skating event Majette… View Post