The Last Set Of Unframed Submissions

Here they are, the last round of submissions for our Unframed 2016 helmet contest, which closed November 30 at midnight.

To say we’re amazed at the amount of submissions we’ve received is an understatement.

It’s not just the number of helmet designs, though. It’s also the creative outpouring the submissions represent. It’s really astonishing, and reinforces our idea that the world needs fresh art, constantly.

Dig in, or scroll on down, and let your senses be delighted.

Please note that we had to change the dates of the next few Unframed blog posts somewhat. We will show the entire list of submissions this Wednesday, December 9th.

We can’t wait to hear your comments about this incredible collection of art. The following Monday, December 14th, we will announce the finalists, and on Friday, December 18th we will finally announce the winners that we will collaborate on 2016 helmets with. We’re hoping to get the development work going before the holidays.

Also, if you want to comment on the work, refer to the number of the piece, which is always listed below the submission.

No. 108

No. 108, New Zealand

“I’m an illustrator, graphic designer, roller-derby-playing, second time student. I’ve had my drawing style described to me as ugly/beautiful, which I feel is fitting. In no way is my style about perfection. It’s usually about hair.”

No. 109

No. 109, New Zealand

No. 110

No. 110, New Zealand

No. 111

No. 111, New Zealand

No. 112

No. 112, Chile

“I’m seven years old. I loved this contest so I made a lot of designs. I go to the park with my brother and dad and I love to ride my bike. My helmet = Watermelon.”

No. 113

No. 113, Chile

No. 114

No. 114, Chile

No. 115

No. 115, Chile

No. 116

No. 116, Chile

No. 117

No. 117, Chile

No. 118

No. 118, Mexico

“Art and the bicycle are my motor, the canvas that moves me to create. I present my design which invites a life in which we aspire to have our wheels firmly on the pavement but our heads high up in the sky with the stars.”

No. 119

No. 119, Canada

“I’m an unschooling mother living in Windsor, Canada. I enjoy letting my hands and heart create with much thought or planning. The process is just as important as the finished product. I’m inspired by nature, metaphysics and sacred geometry, and I like to discover ancient, archetypal patterns found in our collective unconscious, by drawing mandalas. A mandala is both the the microcosm and the macrocosm, and we are all part of its intricate design.”

No. 120

No. 120, Canada

No. 121

No. 121b

No. 121c

No. 121, Canada

No. 122

No. 122, USA

“My name is Benjamin and I’m eight years old. Ever since I’m born people say to me, ‘It’s all about the Benjamin(s).’ So of course I like the $100 dollar bill – who doesn’t?”

No. 123

No. 123, USA

“I’m inspired by my Nordic roots. This is my take on a traditional style of Norwegian painting called rosemaling.”

No. 124

No. 124, USA

No. 125

No. 125, Colombia

“I’m a graphic designer who worked in advertising and finally decided to do what I love: illustration. My work brings strange creatures to life, or shows funny alternate realities and characters, always with a lot of color and joy as a constant concept.”

No. 126

No. 126, Mexico

“Im an independent visual artist.”

No. 127

No. 127, USA

“I love to make art and I adore my bike helmet, it’s a perfect place to publicly display your style”

No. 128

No. 128, USA

No. 129

No. 129, USA

“I’m an artist working in Boise, Idaho. Most of my work can be seen on Sibbz longboards and skateboards. Extreme sports is a big part of my life, and I’m a big supporter of protecting your melon with a helmet. I’m inspired by the unlikely combination of things like an octopus in an aspen tree grove, or hammerhead sharks swimming around a strange-looking mountain goat. I enjoy making things look bright and unusual in a world that is made better with art.”

No. 130

No. 130, USA

No. 131

No. 131, USA

No. 132

No. 132, Australia

“I like to draw fun things – I like to make all my illos fun and colorful for all to enjoy.”

No. 133

No. 133, Australia

No. 134

No. 134, Australia

No. 135

No. 135, Uganda

“This design is based on my interpretation of what the world is today – global change brought about by technology has made the world more intertwined.”

No. 136

No. 136, Chile

“I’m a graphic designer and illustrator.”

No. 137

No. 137, Chile

“I’m a five year old boy, I love to ride with my dad and my brother, and always with my 8-Ball helmet.”

No. 138

No. 138b

No. 138, Philippines

“I’m a street artist, painter, photographer, and illustrator. I find inspiration from the streets of Manila, from personal dilemmas and emotions.”

No. 139

No. 139, Chile

“I’ve always liked to design by playing with hidden messages and interpretations.”

No. 140

No. 140, Chile

No. 141

No. 141, Chile

“I’m a journalist, but art is my hobby. My design is inspired by finding art in big and little places all around the world.”

No. 142

No. 142, Chile

No. 143

No. 143, USA

No. 144

No. 144, Chile

“I’m a four year old girl, I love riding my bike and drawing flowers.”

No. 145

No. 145, Philippines

“I’m a digital artist – I do some for work but mostly as a hobby. I based my helmet design on my five-month-old son – he popped into my mind when I was contemplating what to create – I threw a tiger in there for extra fierceness.”

No. 146

No. 146, USA

“I’m a photo artist and avid painter and I love to zoo bomb. My work is created through light painting.”

No. 147

No. 147, USA

No. 148

No. 148b
No. 148, Chile

“I’ve always been interested in the subject of evolution and wanted to mix that with bicycles, one of our great inventions.”

No. 149

No. 149, USA

No. 150

No. 150, USA

“I work in different mediums or computer programs, depending on the piece. My inspiration came from the pine cone and creating a spherical design.”

No. 151

No. 151, USA

No. 152

No. 152, USA

No. 153

No. 153, USA

No. 154

No. 154, USA

No. 155

No. 155, USA

No. 156

No. 156, USA

No. 157

No. 157, USA

No. 158

No. 158, Canada

“Artist, cyclist, lover of the outdoors.”

No. 159

No. 159, Lebanon

No. 160

No. 160, Mexico

“Just do what you love, with passionate, infectious colors.”

No. 161

No. 161, USA

“I’m an abstract illustrator, bicycle tour guide, and avid cyclist. My illustrations are energetic, colorful, and unique.”

No. 162

No. 162, Spain

“Most of my work is a visual reflection about the human figure and its relationship to the environment. We build, transform, integrate.”

No. 163

No. 163, USA

“I’m an amateur artist – I dabble in ink, acrylic, graphite.”

No. 164

No. 164, Argentina

No. 165

No. 165, Czech Republic

“I designed a simple and clear ‘Keep Calm and Ride On’ design.”

No. 166

No. 166, Czech Republic

No. 167

No. 167, Czech Republic

No. 168

No. 168, Czech Republic

No. 169

No. 169, Czech Republic

No. 170

No. 170, Chile

“The idea of my design came to me when thinking of the importance of head protection since ancient times – biking through the city can be that fierce some times.”

No. 172

No. 171, Australia

“I enjoy riding my metallic green single-speed bike on gorgeous scenic rides, and I love adventures and finding new routes to ride.”

No. 172

No. 172, Australia

No. 173

No. 173, USA

“The influences on my art are Art Nouveau, stained glass, Celtic knots, anatomical studies, and Oregon nature.”

No. 174

No. 174, Mexico

“I’m a Mexican artist working with graphics, painting, and sculpture [with themes] of science fiction, comics, everyday life, and animals.”

No. 175

No. 175, Mexico

No. 176

No. 176, Australia

“I’m a Melbourne-based illustrator and adventurer. My art is based on environmentalism, nature, and the human effect.”

No. 177

No. 177, Colombia

No. 178

“I’m a student and art lover. I ride my bike all day long.”

No. 178, Sri Lanka

No. 179

No. 179, USA

“I love my kiddos, and we spend countless hours riding our bikes. We love the freedom of riding with no hands, so, see, ‘Look Ma, no hands!'”

No. 180

No. 180, USA

“Everyone wears hats, so let’s make it a hat that is a helmet.”

No. 181

No. 181, Canada

“I create collage and and digital art using retroreflective elements. I am inspired by photography and traveling on two wheels.”

No. 182

No. 182, Belgium

“I recently became a volunteer ‘driver’ for blind tandem bikes and was required to have a helmet. I bought Shark Skin and decided to decorate it myself.”

No. 183

No. 183, Belgium

No. 184

No. 184, Belgium

No. 185

No. 185, Belgium

No. 186

No. 186, Belgium

No. 187

No. 187, Belgium

No. 188

No. 188c

No. 188b

No. 188, Hong Kong

“Helmet protects the brain, and the graphic is a representation of our [personal] choice.”

No. 189

No. 189, Colombia

“I’m a bicycle fanatic and I love to draw.”

No. 190

No. 190, Colombia

No. 191

No. 191, Czech Republic

“I designed a colorful modern helmet – minimalist, inspired by the colors of the rainbow.”

No. 192

No. 192, Czech Republic

No. 193

No. 193, Philippines

No. 194

No. 194, Philippines

No. 195

No. 195, Philippines

No. 196

No. 196, Germany

No. 197

No. 197, Germany

No. 198

No. 198, Germany

No. 199

No. 199, Germany

No. 200

No. 200, Czech Republic

No. 201

No. 201, Lebanon

No. 202

No. 202, USA

“This protective demon glyph will ward off all negative vibes and keep those cosmic love vibes flowing while riding!”

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