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Here it is, a roundup of the last few months of reviews of our Baby Nutty helmet, our best bike helmet for babies, certified safe for 1 year old children by the CPSC. We’ve compiled a few of the recent reviews of the helmet so that you don’t have to search around for them. We think it’s a great helmet, but don’t take our word for it.

best bike helmet for toddlers

Baby Nutty makes for happy kids

Reviewers found the Baby Nutty a great, field-tested toddler bike helmet, with its comfortable ergonomic shape and fit (designed to work well with bicycle child seats & trailers), Fidlock no-pinch buckle, and front, top, and back venting.

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Take a look at what reviewers – mostly parent bloggers testing the helmet in the field – have to say about the Baby Nutty:

Two Wheeling Tots calls Baby Nutty “Fun, fresh and a little funky, Nutcase’s newly-designed Baby Nutty certainly meets our three criteria. Significantly lighter than their youth helmet and with an elastic adjuster as well as two different width of internal pads, the Baby Nutty is one of our favorites for young toddlers.”

Magic Beans: “… our #1 favorite bike helmet brand, has done a terrific job creating a helmet that your baby will be agreeable about wearing.”

Filene Testblog (in German): Thanks to the miracle of Google translate we can offer you a snippet from this German reviewer who appreciated the magnetic buckle and fun design for her daughter who had been trying to steal her brother’s Nutcase until she got her own. Maybe we should change our tagline to “The most coveted helmet you’ve ever had.” What do you think?


best bike helmet for babies
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