It’s All ‘Bout That Bell

Bells Display Hero

Handlebar + bells: Some of our new 2016 bells line up.


We’re big bellers.

Because we have a theory. Those who bell are the best, most courteous cyclists.

Little Monster bell!

Little Monster bell!

We may not always have felt this way. On the bike lanes it can sometimes feel that belling other bicyclists and pedestrians is rude, jarring, wrong.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In human society, we all have to find a way to get along.

That becomes more challenging as cities get bigger and more dense. So – ’bout that bell?

It’s one of the ways to maintain civility along with a live and let live attitude.

Alien abduction bell!

Alien abduction bell!

Of course, in order to feel good about belling, it helps to have a cool, friendly-sounding bell.

So that’s what we are aiming for in our bell collection. Good looking, good sounding bells that lets you let people know where you are, in a friendly, let’s-keep-it-flowing type of way.

We also try to pair most, though not all, or our bells to a fun helmet.

Right now we have a number of bells in stock to make your day, and your ride, a little brighter.

Happy belling.

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