Moto Makes Good

It’s not easy to find scooter and motorbike helmets with the sense of style and clear graphic wizardry of the Nutcase Moto helmet.

So it was with great pleasure that we recently came upon a glowing review of the Nutcase Moto helmet on the Gas2 blog.  The reviewer, Joe Borrás, praised the Nutcase Moto helmet for its design.

Moto Makes A Good Show 2

“Nutcase Moto helmets look incredible. They look fun in the pictures, of course, but that’s what Nutcase is known for. In person, the paint doesn’t wiggle, there’s no orange peel, and there was no visible “line” above the graphics. The thing looks for all the world to be hand-painted, but I know that it’s printed using high-tech whiz-bang-ery. Still, it’s convincing.”

Borrás reviewed the Americana, one of the eight different Nutcase Moto styles. Like all the Motos, the Americana is certified to both DOT (Department of Transportation) and ECE (Economic Commission for Europe) standards.

Each Moto comes with a hard ABS thermoplastic shell and a protective and cushy expanded polystyrene foam liner.

Borrás praised the Moto’s padding and its visor, which we’re pretty happy about, as we worked hard to make an affordable helmet that offers great visibility and style as well as comfort and safety.

Moto Makes A Good Show 3

“There were none of the weird smells of desiccants or chemicals that you get from, say, higher-end Italian helmets, either,” Borrás said, “and the bubble-like, flip-down visor was crystal clear.”

Yay! The Nutcase Moto makes good! In the end, Borrás wasn’t able to take our Moto for as detailed a review ride as he would have liked, due to the fact that, he says, he has an “XXL head” that is unable to fit into our XL size. That shouldn’t be an issue for most enthusiasts, as the Moto XL fits heads up to 61 centimeters in circumference.

But to be sure, before you buy a Moto, measure your headwith a measuring tape, being careful to put the tape about an inch above your ears and through the middle of your forehead. We have found that our moto helmets do tend to run a bit small. Our Small Moto should fit heads with a circumference of 55 to 56 centimeters; a Medium will be good for heads from 57 to 58 centimeters and the Large fits heads with 59 to 60 centimeters of circumference.

Moto Makes Good

busy at work on a series of fit videos, including an instructional clip for fitting your Moto. 

And look for the Nutcase Moto in the May/June issue of Motorcycle Classics magazine. Check it out – we’re in the feature on ‘Cool Finds.’