Quick Review – Little Nutty

We want to be the most fun a helmet ever had – with the best and brightest graphic designs, features like the spin dial that make helmets easy and fun to wear, and an overall attention to detail that shows in the look, feel, fit, and ultimately, in the durability of our product.

That’s the goal, and reviews, especially by parents of Little Nutty wearers, are especially gratifying, because parents and caregivers love their little ones’ brains as much (or more) than they love their own.

Alyssa, a mom and blogger at the Kid Project requested helmets to review and wrote her impressions of the Little Nutty Gen3 helmet here.

Little Nutty helmets with matching visors.

Little Nutty helmets with matching visors.

What Alyssa liked best about the Little Nutty is what many appreciate: the hard protective ABS shell, the detachable visor and Fidlock magnetic buckle, and the spin dial fit system.

“Over the last 2-3 years we have gone through three cheap helmets whose shells cracked and fell off just from daily wear,” Alyssa said.

What Alyssa didn’t mention is that what’s underneath that ABS Little Nutty shell is as important as the shell itself.

EPS is the standard for helmet inner linings, and at Nutcase we’ve devised a way to increase potential safety and decrease helmet weight through ingenious channels carved into the EPS liner.

We call it the ‘crumple zone‘ and it helps optimize performance of the helmet under duress.

Similar to the bumper of a car, the EPS liner is there to absorb energy when a helmet takes an impact. With the addition of the crumple zone channels in a ring around the perimeter of the EPS, the helmet has extra energy-absorbing pockets at places where our brains need them most.

Read Alyssa’s review, as well as a review of our Gen3 helmets by the German Stiftung Warentest organization.




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