There’s a story behind every single Nutcase helmet design.

It may not be a story we’ve told yet. It may be that the story still only exists in the mind (or minds) of the creator.


The playfully cool Pink Cheetah

And some of the stories are simply a recording of the steps we took – funny, frustrating, endless – to get a design right.  In other words, the painstaking process of translating an idea into a graphic that works visually on a round helmet and is actually possible with our manufacturing techniques.

All of our graphics have to say “this is a Nutcase helmet”. Many times that feature coincides with the helmet’s design speaking our modern culture’s language.

That’s how a classic Nutcase helmet happens – the graphics are so iconic that the helmet style never gets old.

The Watermelon is a good example of this, as well as the 8 Ball and the Union Jack.

While many of our graphic designs do attain this classic status, not all of them are endlessly produced.

Mellow Swirl modern classic.

Mellow Swirl modern classic.

It’s a fine line – staying fresh while attempting agelessness.

So some designs, while definitely classics, will get retired (of course with the possibility for a dazzling comeback!).

As we bring in our 2015 designs and they start getting to our distributors, we’ve realized that some classics are on that road to retirement. The Modern Argyle, the Mellow Swirl, and the Pink Cheetah Bike & Skate helmets are three classic designs that will be saying goodbye. Check them out before they go.

They may be back some day – but in the meantime, don’t hesitate to tell us the story of how your Nutcase helmet became a classic, even if only to you. We love to get those user tales.