Everyone loves to receive Love Letters, don’t they?  Well, we at Nutcase Helmets are no different.  But when we receive a Love Letter, it usually means someone’s head was protected by a Nutcase Helmet when they have, unfortunately, crashed their bike or board.  We have accumulated several love letters over the years…click here to be transported to our Love Letter page…and now have a new one to share, this one from Jennifer:

Jennifer Love Letter

Jennifer loves her Nutcase!

“I was cruising downhill on my bike recently: traffic passing me in a steady stream to the right, vertical concrete guttering to my left, when I saw a large eucalyptus branch newly fallen directly across my path. I wasn’t about to swerve into the traffic, thought the gutter too high to jump, given my upright Townie bike and speed, so, I decided to take the branch head-on.  It did literally end-up being head-on.

The bike was stopped dead.

I was projected over the handle bars and into the air. As though in slow motion I saw myself diving head first into the asphalt. Hitting the asphalt temple-first could be fatal, I thought. But my course had been set. I was at the mercy of the laws of motion.  My bike helmet saved me.  I felt the impact as though my head were encased in a reinforced cushion.  Then my jaw hit, and the red-raw gravel rash extending from chin-to-legs shows how I had must have kept sliding forward.  ‘She landed on her head. Call an ambulance,’ were the shouts from the first motorists who stopped.  At the hospital they cleared me of head injuries, and even the broken jaw which I thought I must have sustained.  To this day, I am grateful to my Nutcase Inc. helmet. Thank you!”

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