The wait is over.

Next month we at Nutcase will start our official launch of the sporty Metroride commuter helmet with delivery of the entire Metroride line (10 styles) to one of our favorite commuter bike stores – Gladys Bikes – in Portland, Oregon.

The Metroride is a classy combination of features that bike riders have told us are key to them, including stylish graphics and great fit, our fantastic Fidlock magnetic buckle, and a pared-down helmet profile that provides light weight protection and excellent ventilation.  Check out our latest entry in our just-released Metroride video:

We are especially pleased that this US launch of the Metroride coincides with the sneak-peak release of Levi’s Commuter Line for Women. Levi’s Commuter Line is a clean and simple collection of jeans and other basic wardrobe gear that works well for people on bicycles. The Line has special features including stretch denim, durable water- and odor-resistant fabrics and reflective seams.

Previously the Commuter Line has focused on separates for males; now it’s finally time for Levi’s Commuter Jeans for women, and later this year, the jean giant will offer other separates aimed at female cyclists. The new Women’s Jeans will retail at $88 and come in waist sizes ranging from 25 to 31 inches.

This momentous occasion – great new helmets for everyday biking and great new cycling apparel for women, debuting at a great local bike shop that specializes in supporting women cyclists – this definitely calls for a party! So party it will be.

On March 12th we’ll be stepping out to Gladys Bikes to enjoy great local brews from Breakside Brewery, music from KMHD’s Brazilian music DJ, Krishna Murihead, and lots of friends. There will be a photo booth and live tweeting of first looks at the new jeans and the new helmets.

“It’s awesome that we are seeing new products that provide performance features for people who bike for transportation,” said Gladys Bikes owner Leah Benson. “I’m really excited to see the helmets and the new jeans.”

*for women!!! Men have had Levi’s Commuter Jeans for awhile.

UPDATE! We had such a GREAT time debuting Metroride and Levi’s Commuter Jeans at Gladys Bike that we shot a video so we could share it with everybody!