Nutcase: #CommuterStyle

At this change of seasons, looking at the wardrobe with a critical eye might be necessary. Last week we documented five fun fashions for fall, focusing primarily on items helpful for women. Now we ‘laydown’ some classic wardrobe suggestions for men, curated by Nutcase social media director Tom Rousculp.

“Many of these items are basics,” Tom said. “I prefer classic black for its timelessness and durability in unpredictable weather. It doesn’t show wetness (lighter colors will darken when wet) or dirt, it’s slimming, and it looks sharp no matter where you’re going.”

1. Swrve Wax Cotton Cycling Jacket. Old school materials meet new school features.  A great piece that will keep you dry and get better with age. “When I saw this jacket at Interbike it immediately reminded me of a cyclist’s version of the classic waxed Barbour moto jackets,” said Tom.

2. Castelli Difessa Collection Cap. “The trick for me,” Tom said, “was to find a cap that covered my ears completely and snugly to keep the wind noise down. This cap was a winner.”

3. U.S. Military Scarf. Simple and cheap. 100% wool. Not too long, not too short.

4. J. Crew Merino V-Neck. We all know the virtues of wool these days, it’s light, warm and doesn’t get stinky. You can wear one these merino v-neck sweaters from November to March.

5. Ben Sherman Gingham Check Short Sleeve. Tom discovered Ben Sherman in 1996 when the clothing store he worked in began importing them from England, and he’s worn one nearly every day since. “They wear well, keep their shape and color, don’t wrinkle (I hate to iron),” Tom said, “and they dry quickly. They also button up higher than a lot of shirts, which I prefer.” You can’t go far wrong with gingham.

6. The Athletic Mt. Fuji Ekiden sock. Black has its benefits but you can put a great pop of color at your cuffs.

7. Storm 415 Work Boot. As the description says, these leather work boots have the stability and protection of a work boot with the mobility of a sneaker.  “Just the right size and shape for daily riding,” Tom said. “They are dry and breathable – use a thin sock otherwise they get too warm.”

8. Bend’s Hydroflask. For HOT #coffeeoutside. C’mon, it’s cold out. Fits in your bottle cage and won’t leak.

9. Dickies Work Pant. Here’s a real fall/winter staple. Slim fit, stain resistant, won’t wrinkle and they come with a permanent crease so you always look sharp. If that’s not enough, the cotton/poly blend dries quickly too. Tom’s tip: wear them all winter and cut them off in the summer for shorts.

10. Nutcase Black Jack Metroride. You can dress it up or down.  It’s light and classy and has 360 reflectivity. Tom leaves the visor off in favor of the winter cap.

And, some biking extras:

11. PDW Radbot 500 lamp. It’s getting darker earlier and everybody is wearing a lot of black. See and be seen. Thanks for making a really easy to mount/unmount light set PDW.

12. Portland Fender Co. Original Stainless Steel Fender. Check out the new Portland Fender Co. They have lots of cool colors to choose from. “It took me a lot of winters as a young messenger to come around to the reality that fenders are really the best way to stay dry,” Tom said. “Now that I know, I want to share.”