A new kind of bike shop, Motostrano/Suburban Bikes is a bicycle studio and store that sells interesting and totally fantastic bicycles that you won’t find in most bike shops. Their bikes are about effective transportation, and about health and fitness, but they are also about the love of bikes themselves, as objects of design and technology. They are a dealer that loves bikes and know that you feel better when you’re around them and they enjoy getting others on bikes and helping them to get around on two wheels.

Owner Joe Witherspoon is very happy with Nutcase helmets and how they fit into his store’s philosophy.  “Nutcase helmets are comfortable, good looking helmets that fit the urban rider lifestyle that we are catering to with Suburban bikes,” Witherspoon says.  “The helmets are very popular with women and this is a huge segment for our store and one that we work to grow in a big way.”