• Helen’s Cycles –November 2015Dealer of the Month

    Helen’s Cycles has been around since 1936.  When they began, they were a small repair shop in Venice Beach, California and were owned by Helen Throckmorton and her mechanic husband, Ted, who was also a mechanic for billionaire Howard Hughes. Helen’s has a very long history in Los Angeles.  Since their inception, they have moved twice and… View Post
  • For everyday bike style, a few technical details in the apparel or the accoutrements can make all the difference. We've seen that with our 2015 Metroride helmet, where maximum air flow and minimum weight combine to make a helmet that is as stylish and yet as practical as an everyday commuter might desire. View Post
  • In our new sponsorship and partnership with professional mountain bike trials rider Ryan Leech, we’re able to fruitfully combine our love of the sports world with our commitment to loving our brains (and everyone else’s). A talented athlete, Ryan has been on the professional circuit for most of his life, performing his particular magic of focused and fantastic… View Post
  • A new kind of bike shop, Motostrano/Suburban Bikes is a bicycle studio and store that sells interesting and totally fantastic bicycles that you won’t find in most bike shops. Their bikes are about effective transportation, and about health and fitness, but they are also about the love of bikes themselves, as objects of design and… View Post