August 5, 2014

‘Slow’ and Stylish: Public Bikes

From the very first day, Public Bikes in San Francsico has embraced the ‘slow bike’ style. That is, biking for the pure pleasure of it, with the added benefit of getting from Point A to Point B without having to look for parking.

San Franciscans responded well to Public’s homegrown offering of mail-order bikes and bike accessories, and now Public has opened a new flagship store in the city, at 549 Hayes Street in Hayes Valley.

Public Bikes #1

Public Bikes’ own Public Stripe helmet on the left, beloved Mini Dots on the right.

Public’s shop designers had already come up with their very own Nutcase helmet design, the Public Stripe – one of our favorites! – and, for the new store, designers made sure our newest line of Gen3 helmets are prominently and artfully displayed.

Public also has a new collection of Special Edition city bikes that are really worth a look. Classically styled with step-through, mixte, and diamond-frame options, the bikes have leather, wood, cork, and brass accents that add just a hint of fashion to their timeless design.

Public Bikes #3

Public Bikes #2It is somewhat of a cliché to say so, but an urban bike that you love the look of and love the way it rides is a true joy every time you hop in the saddle, whether you are riding two miles or twenty-two. Knowing this to be true, Public offers a “Love at First Ride” 30-day guarantee on its mail-order bicycles, which are shipped to customers 99% assembled.

Public even has two electric bike models, called the M and the D, powered by BionX electric motors, that are perfect for the hills of San Francisco (or wherever else hills can be found!).

Even more delicious, Public has a great number of fantastic accessories, and they are always looking to add smartly-designed bike aids – like the Trieste cup holder – to their lineup.

A Public Bike and a Nutcase Helmet is a pretty sweet match.