But perhaps not your father’s alien abduction.

It may not seem possible that there’s a story behind every single Nutcase helmet design.

But there is. Oh perhaps not a long, involved, hilariously funny story. Sometimes it’s more of a story that illustrates the quirky way that culture influences designers.


Or it’s a story of how hard it is to translate some fun designs onto a round, head-shaped object (otherwise known as a helmet).

And sometimes it’s just a few lines that serve to point out how truly nutty we are at Nutcase Helmets.

Alien Abduction is one of the latter. Because our founder, Michael Morrow, isn’t only nutty. He’s crazy, kooky, culture-obsessed nutty.

And one of his biggest obsessions since childhood is science fiction. The tongue-in-cheek kind of science fiction.

“Whether it’s robot toys, Jules Verne and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, or flying saucers, I’m all about science fiction and have been since I was a kid,” Michael said.

AlienOnTopPromoMichael decided for the 2015 line of Nutcase Street helmets that he wanted to pursue a new Sci Fi theme.

“In Sci Fi there’s always something of poking fun, making a joke,” Michael said, “If you think about the X Files posters and then simplify it, that’s Alien Abduction.”

Michael describes the background color of the helmet as ‘Pulp Fiction red’ and said the whole skyline featured on the helmet is really just tongue-in-cheek, inspired by 1950’s visions of alien abductions.

The twist, of course, is that the aliens in our Alien Abduction helmet aren't looking for a person to snatch. They are out for the bicycle.

"That's what might make people laugh or chuckle," Michael said. "The spaceship couldn't care less about finding people in the city. It's all about the bicycle."

As with some of our more involved graphics, getting the skyline in Alien Abduction to look just right as it panoramas across the circumference of the helmet took some fiddling.

But once the Nutcase team saw the final proof for Alien Abduction, it was so well liked we decided to do a matching Nutcase bell.

"Will it be an evergreen?" Michael asked, referencing some of our Nutcase helmet styles that appeal season after season. "Maybe - it's definitely a classic, and it's definitely a lot of fun."