Nothing says “I Love My Brain” like a Nutcase helmet. So perhaps it’s not surprising that brain lovers and helmet lovers love to post their Instagram Love pics while wearing a Nutcase.

And we love those pics right back. We love them so much, in fact, that we are now in our second year of putting many of the photos into a video compilation.

Each year we get hundreds of photos, so the choice of what to put in is difficult, and usually we just go with what touches the heart and fits in to a clip of a reasonable time frame.

In 2013, we put together our first Thank You video, comprised of many of the photos we got. It was a languid collection of great shots, accompanied by tunes from Billie Holliday and Big Bill Broonzy.

This year we knew we wanted to do a video, and we decided on a slightly different approach.  We interspersed rapid-fire images with long slo-mos of shots.  It is shorter, and very compelling.

In 2014 we were tagged on over 750 photos on Instagram, around two each day, so not everything fits in this video, but 93 great shots tell a lovely story.

When you’ve watched, take a look back at 2013’s montage (photos were gathered from Instagram and other places).

And don’t stop sending! It’s great to see new helmets, and classic designs, and Little Nuttys, and this year we’re hoping to see some great shots of our Moto helmets and new Baby Nutty and Metroride helmets as well.