We relish and continue to refine what we consider the technical and innovative features of our helmet’s style. One feature we are pretty proud of is the Nutcase Helmets’ Spin Dial.

Spin Dial 1

From its first appearance, the Spin Dial has pleased users, because it helps to achieve the perfect snug fit, which is by the way, the safest fit. (The better your helmet stays on your head, the safer your brain will be in the case of unexpected chills, thrills, and spills.) Thanks to customer feedback and continual testing we came to realize that the Spin Dial could be even better, and with our Gen3 line, we have improved it in three ways. First, the Spin Dial works a bit more effectively and sensitively, to dial in a perfect fit. Next, the Spin Dial’s dial is now rubberized for easier gripping and to make it sturdier and able to withstand thousands of spins (your mileage may vary). Lastly, the Spin Dial (which spins clockwise to close and counter clockwise to loosen) has a reflective whirly-swirl sticker on its face. We’ve also listened to our skater helmet wearers, who requested that the Spin Dial infrastructure be removable. With care, you can pop out the Spin Dial’s prongs and pop it back in later.


Little Nutty Gen2 helmets currently have a different Spin Dial than  Gen2 and Gen3 Adult helmets. Starting in 2015, the Gen3 Little Nutty will transition to the version seen above.

We think the Gen3 Spin Dial is a technical improvement to helmet fit and feel, and we hope you feel so, too. Please give us your Spin Dial love in the comments. If there’s more we can work on to keep moving the Spin Dial to perfection, let us know that, too. And keep on spinning.

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