We never know exactly where we’ll see Nutcase helmets pop up, and so we LOVE it when Nutcase helmet wearers or one of our band of loyal and excellent distributors sends us photos of Nutcase spottings.

And so we were excited when we first heard from our German distributor about the widespread advertising campaign in Germany called ‘Hut ab – Helm Auf.’ which translates into English as “Hat off Helmet on.”

Hat off – Helmet on  is part of a ‘Slow Down’ road safety campaign created by the country’s Ministry Of Transport along with the German Road Safety Council, and supported by Nutcase Germany.

hat off helmet on campaign

While at Nutcase we’ve never advocated for mandatory helmet laws because we want to make it so much fun to wear a helmet that people choose to love their brains, we really gravitate to messages that show how helmets can be a real style statement.

Hat off – Helmet on is a great campaign as it features German musicians and celebrities who have a signature look involving a hat yet trade that hat in for a Nutcase helmet when they are on their bicycles.

German actor Manuel Cortez is known for a number of movie roles and also as an art director in the German version of the X Factor. Cortez’ Hat off – Helmet on ad shows him wearing the Nutcase Cream helmet.

Hat Off Last

Musician Roger Cicero is also shown wearing a solid-hued Nutcase helmet, along with the other musicians in his jazz band. And German singer and music producer Mateo Jaschik proudly sports what looks like a rosy magenta Nutcase. In reality, it was our really popular Dutch Orange helmet, which turned bright pink in post production, probably to match Jaschik’s crazy pants. (Watch the ‘Making of‘ clip to see Dutch Orange on Jaschik, it looks really great.)

Around 450 billboards in Germany are sporting the Hat off – Helmet on ads currently.