• Bicycle Habitat was founded in New York City in 1978. Through all these years, their mission has remained the same: More people on bikes, more often. They believe all of us on bikes is better for our health, for the city, for the environment – and for quality of life. Owner Charlie McCorkell is a founding… View Post
  • There’s a story behind every single Nutcase helmet design. It may not be a story we’ve told yet. It may be that the story still only exists in the mind (or minds) of the creator. And some of the stories are simply a recording of the steps we took – funny, frustrating, endless – to… View Post
  • For most of us in the northern hemisphere, the advance of the seasons toward winter is apparent with shorter days, longer nights, and new television episodes. There is a consolation, if we can happily transition from the summery sports like biking, skateboarding, and scootering to the skiing, snowboarding, and other fun pursuits of winter. Luckily… View Post
  • September 19, 2014 Fun Friday: Is ‘Dorky’ the Direction of Helmet Innovation? As the weekend nears, we of the Nutcase variety like to amuse ourselves by thinking about helmets past, present, and future. Loving your brain and expressing your own bit of style has never been easy. That piece of protective head covering known as… View Post
  • September 16, 2014 If you look closely at helmets with graphics, you’ll notice that most helmet makers choose designs that are simple, often even childish, and cover only a small portion of the helmet. But over the years (7, to be exact) that Nutcase has been designing helmets, we’ve gone deeper and deeper into the… View Post
  • Bike Locks You Can Love

    September 10, 2014 I enjoy everything about bicycle commuting – except the need to carry a clunky bike lock. Standard U-bar models weigh about five pounds and hog up room in your backpack, or rattle annoyingly on your bike rack. Fortunately, clever designers are coming to the rescue with some entirely new concepts: The Yerka… View Post
  • Fun For Friday: Skate Crate

    September 5, 2014 Yesterday we were waxing poetic about two-wheeled fun, both human and electric powered. Today – well, school has started around the U.S., and so we’re just looking for some Friday fun, no matter how few or many wheels it involves. And we found it, at the Skate Crate Kickstarter page. Skate Crate… View Post
  • September 4, 2014 We just love two-wheeled vehicles. If they are human-powered, so much the better, but if they aren’t, the move toward powering them electrically is very, very welcome. And growing – Navigant Research says the markets for both e-motorcycles and e-scooters are set to surge soon as component prices drop and gas prices… View Post