Happy Halloween!(Yup, We’re Laydown Loony)

Yes, it’s possible that we’ve gone a little bit crazy (though you always knew we were a bunch of Nutcases).

This time, though, we might have reached a new state of ‘Laydown Loony.’

We can chalk it up to our historic costume-crazy Halloween obsession (thanks, Mrs. Nutcase), combined with our newfound love of laydowns.

So in addition to this lovely group shot of us dressed for the dual ‘holidays’ of Halloween and Dia de los Muertos, we give you a rundown of how we put some of these outfits together.

Perhaps it will spark your last-minute costume crazies, inspire you for next year, or simply give you something to laugh at.

Head in the clouds. HeadInTheCloudsThis outfit, created by brand marketing manager Philip Mascher, is based around our Unframed Cloud Nine helmet designed by San Francisco artist Todd Standish.

This outfit, pieced together with finds from the local thrift shop hand painted with cloud designs, is meant to be dreamy, contemplative, and weather protective!




ThePineappleThe Pineapple. Simple and wonderfully comfy, this is a costume that can be put together at the very last minute. It features the simple elements of a solid-colored Street helmet a bright colored hand decorated t-shirt, plus a handmade headdress, and was created by product designer Morgan Braaten.






Little Red Riding Hood. A wolfishly clever design incorporates product designer Meghan Sinnott's dog Maddy, who has graced these blog pages previously. Complicated and yet captivating, the Little Red Riding Hood costume needed the addition of a solid Street helmet, as Maddy and Meghan get to the office by bike.



Keep it fun, keep it nutty, and keep it safe out there. Happy Halloween!