When summer is truly gone, many of us immediately start hoping for cold enough temps to hop straight from biking to a snowboard or a pair of skis.

Usually most of us have to wait weeks, at least, until a big old storm lays enough inches of the white stuff down on the nearest mountain.

But at the very least we get ready, pulling out the old gear and dreaming of possible new gear.

We asked our resident Nutcase graphics and design master David Kruger to give us a vision of his favorite snowboarding gear.

He reached out to his boarding fanatic childhood buddy Tom, and they collaborated on this laydown of lots of clothing and accessories to keep you warm and comfy the moment the first big snowfall arrives.

With a Nutcase snow helmet the warm head is pretty much assured via our soft fleece-lined ear pads.

We also send you three different sizes of fleece liners in the box to assure you can get the snug and secure fit that makes you forget all about the helmet and able to concentrate on the experience.

Plenty of ventilation makes sure you don’t get too hot headed.

Nutcase snow helmets also feature a strap holder in the back for goggles, and our Fidlock magnetic buckle that’s easy to open and close with gloves on.

So yes, let it snow, and snow, and snow.

And if you like some of the gear pictured here – we’ve provided a handy list of most of the items featured in David and Tom’s snowboard reverie.

Take a look – and enjoy.

Outerwear jacket = Bonfire. Fleece top = Columbia Sportswear.  Folding shovel = Gerber Gorge. Avalanche beacon = Pieps.  Gloves = Level. Pants = Saga Outerwear. Goggles = Anon M2. Snowboard = Never Summer.  Padded Pants = Crash Pads. Padded Top = Demon. Boots = DC.  Knit Cap = Coal Headwear. Helmet = Nutcase snow helmet.