Unframed – First Submissions!

  1. The above helmet design was our first submission of 2016 and came from the USA. 

Unravelling what has compelled people to create art through the ages is fascinating.

Unframed Hero

Unframed, USA 2016.

By now, many people know the ‘napkin story‘ of our founder, Michael Morrow’s, attempt to find fun and funky helmets in order to make a statement about his favorite football team, the Oregon State University Beavers.

Unframed submission, 2016.

Unframed, Mexico, 2016.

When he couldn’t find a well-shaped, well-designed, and good-looking helmet to broadcast his message of support for the Beavers (and ultimate defeat for their foes, the University of Oregon Ducks), well, Michael had to create one.

Unframed submission, 2016.

Unframed, France, 2016.

And in the process of making and refining great helmets – for cyclists, winter and water sports enthusiasts, and for Moto riders – Michael and a group of Nutcases have been able to indulge their passion for good graphic design.

Unframed 4

Unframed, Indonesia, 2016.

Through the years Nutcase has explored great colors, patterns, and graphics for helmets. It wasn’t until three years ago, though, that we had the brilliant idea of putting art from amateur and professional artists onto our helmets.

Unframed 5

Unframed, USA, 2016.


And thus Unframed was born. It’s a campaign that spreads to all corners of the Earth, finding the freshest and funkiest artists to work with us on getting their designs on Nutcase helmets.

We’ve been thrilled to receive so many fabulous Unframed 2016 submissions from around the globe!

Unframed submission, 2016.

Unframed, Argentina, 2016.

There are 22 days left until the deadline for submission.

Don’t wait – if you or anyone you know has the creativity to try their hand at making some fresh art that will look great on a helmet, they need to know about the Unframed campaign, and get working to submit their own original helmet art.

Unframed 7

Unframed, USA, 2016.