Interbike is just over a month away. And the show program for Interbike – the biggest bike industry show in the United States – just hit the streets and people’s mailboxes and Nutcase Unframed artist Carla Bartow’s art is gracing the cover!

Unframed is our way of getting fresh art on fresh helmets. Last year, we debuted the Unframed campaign at Eurobike and Interbike. Our three original Unframed artists – Ray Moore, Sandra Ramirez, and Todd Standish – painted in person at these shows, producing fabulous canvases that were auctioned at the end of both shows to benefit our partner World Bicycle Relief.

Carla Bartow's fabulous Tweed Ride art.

Carla Bartow’s fabulous Tweed Ride art.

This year our three new Unframed artists for 2015 – Carla Bartow from the U.S., Jobert Cruz from the Philippines, and Tiago DeJerk from Brasil – will create art murals at both events. At the shows’ ends, their artwork will be auctioned to help support the great work of World Bicycle Relief.

Last year, having artists painting in our booth all day turned out to be quite a bit of fun and a great break from the regular show routine. Watching three artists practice their craft is awesome and inspiring, and the folks at Interbike were so jazzed by the Unframed campaign that they asked Carla to try her hand at designing this year’s show program cover.

Carla's new Vanport mural.

Carla’s new Vanport mural.

In fact, designing a Nutcase Unframed helmet has been the beginning of a stellar year for Carla.

“It’s true things have blossomed,” Carla said. “I’ve been able to put my art in many different places and expand the viewership for my work. I feel blessed and so honored to be able to do the Interbike cover.”

Fathom This is Carla's Unframed helmet 2015.

Fathom This is Carla’s Unframed helmet 2015.

Since she created her Fathom This helmet design, which will debut at Eurobike and Interbike, Carla has worked on some memorable projects, including the poster art for a Portland Tweed Ride, the Interbike cover art, and a new mural she created in Portland commemorating the historic Vanport flood (which dramatically wiped out an entire neighborhood and killed 15 people in 1948).

Carla said mural painting is great because it allows for lots of conversations and connections.

To see Carla’s helmet and her live art, along with the creations of her fellow artists Jobert Cruz and Tiago DeJerk, don’t forget to visit our booths at the Eurobike and Interbike shows.