Our latest Nutcase helmet review is here. The German consumer organization Stiftung Warentest has developed a unique standard for testing and scoring bicycle helmets. Surprisingly, of the 18 helmets Stiftung tested recently, only three received a “good” rating.

We’re pleased to share that our Nutcase Street multi-sport helmet was one of the three helmets that came out on top.

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That’s a point of pride with us – we take the safety of our helmets very seriously. In this, the third-generation Street helmet model, we worked hard to innovate and perfect its safety features.

To create its new set of helmet tests, Stiftung Warentest analyzed over 700 bike collisions. They found that many helmets don’t do very well at protecting the temples and forehead of riders, and current testing standards don’t test for these attributes, either.

Stiftung Warentest invited engineers and experts to help them devise a new safety test, which concentrated impact testing on the most common points of helmet impact, including the forehead region and the temples.

That’s good news for the hard-shell, brain-bucket style of our Nutcase Street helmet, which is worn fairly low on the forehead and typically covers the temples. The Street helmet received Stiftung’s blessing as being “the best helmet in accident protection” of the 18 they tested.

In addition to great coverage, the third generation of the Nutcase Street helmet ups the protection factor with a ‘crumple zone’ — extra energy-absorbing channels within the expanded polystyrene (EPS) liner.

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Here are Stiftung’s notes on the Nutcase Street helmet:

“Quite heavy. Good shock absorption. Limits visibility. Decent ventilation. Good magnetic buckle. Good visibility at night. Many design variations.” – Stiftung Warentest panel

We know that our brain-bucket styling weighs in a little heftier when compared to other sportier styles of helmet. We think we’ve made the best trade-off between overall protection, ventilation, and weight, and we’re glad that Stiftung thinks so, too.

Of course we’ll keep working and innovating to make our Street helmet the best it can be. Our latest R&D resulted in the new Metroride Nutcase helmet. Metroride’s sleek profile and enhanced ventilation make it an attractive alternative for active urban riders and for bicycle touring.

To see the entire Stiftung report (available only in German thus far), go here.

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