Hoo! Hoo! Halloween Helmets

Yup, it’s that season again – that short period between the start of school and winter when strange scary tableaux appear on your neighbors’ front porch and someone you know takes a trip to a pumpkin patch.

It’s also a time of costumes! Halloween costumes seem to get every more elaborate (and since the permanent addition of zombie-mania to popular culture) ever more gory.

Whichever way you are going to go this year, we are here to tell you that you don’t need to eschew a helmet in order to make your costume look great. Halloween helmets are easy.

In fact, you can build your look around your helmet, especially if you are going to be riding your bike while dressed up.

Hoo Hoo Promo

It is great to see that blogger Maria Maldonado at the Polyvore site has already designed a costume specifically centered on the Nutcase classic Watermelon helmet.

Maldonado is channeling the Ellen Page character Bliss Cavendar from the 2009 movie Whip It. Cavendar became a Hurl Scout roller derby team member in the film to escape her controlling mom.

HooHooYou don’t even need to get as intricate – or as costly – as Maldonado’s re-creation of a roller derby girl. With our Nutcase Dutch Orange helmet and a hot glue gun your imagination can go pretty wild.

In fact, any of the matte-finish solid helmets in our Gen3 collection make a great base for costume creativity and halloween helmets. Go crazy, go creepy, and if you will be haunting the streets at night, don’t forget the helmet lights.