Little Nutty and Baby Nutty – A Silly Rhyme

At Nutcase, we work every day to make helmets more fun to wear, for absolutely every age group of riders, skaters, and scoot-ers.

Fit, fun, and protection – those are the goals we continually strive for.

Need some guidance in getting that first helmet? Check this link and this one for a couple of blog posts telling the Baby Nutty and Little Nutty story. And check this review of reviews to see what others have to say about Baby Nutty helmets.

And for Dina Driscoll’s evergreen post on winter biking with kids, check here.

Click on any of these helmet photos to see them at the Nutcase store. Happy riding!


Helmets can be fun,

bicycle helmet toddlers

even when I run

bike helmet for kids

or put my face on stun!


xxs baby bike helmet

For scooter, bike, and trike

cute kids helmet

it’s all the stuff I like

bike helmets for family

and so does my brother Mike.


bike helmets for family

All of us riding together

child bike helmet 2 years

no matter the weather


hoppin’, skippin’, light as a feather.



Rough and tumble cruiser, or hesitant waif


this Nutty helmet keeps my noggin safe


with a Fidlock buckle that’s not gonna chafe.



And it makes my mom so happy


when I cruise away real snappy.


Hm, this tire seems kinda crappy.



And now let’s take off – ring our bell


and get on the road to enjoy the smell


’cause you never can tell


what this great adventure will spell.