September 4, 2014

We just love two-wheeled vehicles. If they are human-powered, so much the better, but if they aren’t, the move toward powering them electrically is very, very welcome. And growing – Navigant Research says the markets for both e-motorcycles and e-scooters are set to surge soon as component prices drop and gas prices rise.

Navigant predicts that about 55 million plug-in two wheeled vehicles will be sold over the next ten years, with the market in China leveling off a little while those in North America and Europe heat up, especially after 2015.

“Consumers are seeking refuge from higher gasoline prices, electric two-wheel vehicles are growing more mature, and cities are becoming increasingly congested with traffic,” said Navigant director John Gartner.

We’d agree. And it is gratifying that thus far we are getting good feedback on our Nutcase Moto helmets aimed at this new, developing market.

Moto 1

Our Moto is starting to turn a few heads and get a little press attention, for which we are very grateful.

The Motos are Department of Transportation (DOT) and ECE (Economic Commission for Europe) certified, feature a strong chin strap, easy-off buckle, interchangeable visors, and of course, our signature graphics – in eight different styles.

Moto 2

An electric scooter or motorcycle – above is the Enertia from Brammo, located in our homestate of Oregon (the company just dropped the price on this model by US $4,000 ) – plus a new Nutcase Moto = unbeatable combination.