We know there’s always going to be controversy regarding helmets. Human activities are full of different risks, and how we choose to respond to those risks is usually cultural, rather than exclusively logical.

At Nutcase Helmets, we endeavor every day to make our helmets so fun and well-fitting that people just love to wear them.

At the same time, our tagline, “I love my brain,” is a simple truth that everyone can relate to. The logical next step, if you love your brain, is to help protect it with helmets when you are doing sporty activities, including biking, snow sporting, scootering, and skateboarding.

I Love My Brain 2

It’s also becoming clearer in scientific reviews that to help reduce brain injuries, especially (though not exclusively) in children, helmets are a first line of defense. This week in the New England Journal of Medicine, results of one of the largest studies on brain trauma point to the importance of helmets for traumatic injury reduction.

“We studied a very large cohort of patients in our secondary analysis of this previously collected data,” said Dr. Prashant Mahajan, professor of pediatrics and emergency medicine at the Wayne State University School of Medicine, “and the good news for all of us is that they demonstrate clearly the importance of prevention in protecting children from brain trauma. The bottom line on this prospective study of more than 43,000 pediatric brain injuries is that it identifies falls — often from bicycles — as the major cause of trauma in children under age 12. Knowing that, we’re now better able to help educate parents and policymakers alike about the great value of safety helmets for this population of kids.”

With both the Little Nutty line of helmets for young children and our forthcoming Baby Nutty line for even smaller and younger heads, we want to make it as fun as can be for kids and parents to put on a helmet.

The “I love my brain” tagline has also lead us, in years past, to support the organizations and people working with brain injury awareness and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). We share the ‘love letters’ we’ve received from people who wore our helmets and feel they escaped serious injury by doing so. We send “I love my brain” stickers to brain surgeons requesting them.

March 2015 is Brain Injury Awareness month, and during that month we want to connect with and salute the people who haven’t let a TBI stop them.

At the same time, we want to do a little more. Sharing stories in March is a part of it –  we want to hear from you, always, about your stories – AND we are going take action. We’re ready to partner with like-minded people and organizations around brain injury and trauma, and give back a portion of our helmet sales that month.

For more info and to connect with us on this issue, drop us an email at: info@nutcasehelmets.com. We will respond to each and every mail. And click here, here, or here to read some of our “I love my brain” stories from the past.