Arriving By Bike In Winter

Sometimes, just talking about the joys of biking in winter weather is really not enough. Detailed instructions on the best gear, the best tips on arriving by bike in winter, and links to actual products are not helpful for all of us, but for some of us they are invaluable.

Especially when you are pressed for time, just getting the gear together can seem insurmountable (that’s why we love Ayleen Crotty of ORbike‘s suggestion to gather gear and keep it together off the bike, in order to facilitate a smooth getting-out-the-door when weather is inclement).

So below we’ve given three stylish and protective bike set-ups to help you bike in winter, with links to many of the products used, and commentary from the Eugene, Oregon-based Arriving By Bike shop on their utility and fabulousness.

Before we give the goods, however, we’d be amiss if we didn’t make a mention of our Nutcase winter helmet ear pads. These babies are basic protection of delicate auricular membranes and are the first line of defense against biting cold. Check them out here.

@Cliff Etzel at Ecotopian Films

by Cliff Etzel at Ecotopian Films

1) Hannah Satein – Hannah’s wearing a Nutcase Silver Sparkle helmet, an Endura Luminite waterproof jacket, Endura Superlite waterproof pants, Endura Stike waterproof gloves, an Ibex merino wool top, and an Ortlieb downtown pannier.

Here’s what Arriving By Bike had to say about Hannah’s look:

“This is what waterproof chic looks like. Welcome to the Pacific Northwest!”

Next, we feature Jake Duncan.

@Cliff Etzel at Ecotopian Films

by Cliff Etzel at Ecotopian Films

2) Jake’s also fending off the wet with an Endura Gridlock waterproof jacket, Endura cycling jeans, and Keen Vendetta waterproof shoes. He’s also sporting our popular Nutcase Modern Argyle helmet. As Arriving By Bike puts it, Jake is:

“…rocking the bike parts – and a tire, because everyone who rides needs a spare bike tire!”

3) Lastly, here is Tomoko Sekiguchi, looking very good in an Ibex merino wool cap, an Endura Gridlock jacket, Endura 3/4 pants, and an Ortlieb waterproof Downtown pannier.

@Cliff Etzel at Ecotopian Films

by Cliff Etzel at Ecotopian Films

There are other brands that make quality gear that you can wear for many winter days and nights to come, and now’s a good time to be out there looking.

Sales abound, including ones on REI waterproof separates, Patagonia web specials, and Icebreaker merino wool base layers.

We still have a few Nutcase items on sale as well, such as the Modern Argyle helmet (on Jake), as well as the timeless classic Mellow Swirl, and the fun and funky Turtle helmet. Take a look at all eleven sale helmets. And #keepriding! We’ll keep featuring great winter riding gear through the season.

p.s. Special thanks to Mark Stosberg for his fine photo of collecting a Christmas tree by bike via flickr, and to Arriving by Bike for permission to use these fine photos taken by Cliff Etzel at Ecotopian Films.

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