More fun than candy

April 17, 2014
Bike Accessories: 5 Finds More Fun Than Candy

There are Easter baskets, and they are usually filled with eggs, candy, and more candy. Candy is good, but smart bicycle accessories are better, and ultimately more fun. Here are five things to pump up your bunny basket.

bike candy
1) Lots of good jeans for men riding bikes exist. But what about good bike pants for the women? The pickings are decidedly slimmer. Women have been waiting for Levi Strauss to make good on their promise of a women’s bike commuter clothing line…forever. That’s why it’s great to see Beta brand’s Dress Yoga Pants and Iva Jean’s City Legging show up. Stretchy yet hugging, and both ready, with the addition of a blazer, to ride right into the office.
bike candy
2) Rapha new men’s lightweight hooded jacket is pricey ($245) yet so perfect for springtime cycling. If you find you never want to take it off maybe it is worth it. The jacket has a dropped tail and is water repellant, not proof.
Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 11.26.34 AM

3) Zoom is a great new kids book coming out this fall from Elly Blue Publishing. It’s the story of a boy and his pushbike, and looks to be a colorful addition to bicycle book libraries. In the meantime, a bike-coloring book or some fantastic stickers are available right now at EBP’s site.
bike candy
4) Bird Industries’ skirt garters come in sweet candy colors and are just $12 each.  They keep your skirt or dress from free flying when you are on a bicycle. Such a deal!
bike candy
5) OK, you can’t fit this in any Easter basket. But it’s just too cool – San Francisco’s Mission Bicycles just finished a successful Kickstarter for The Lumen, a bike coated with Halo Coating’s reflective finish. It’s too late to get the bike at the special Kickstarter price, and too late for the cool reflective pledge gifts. But it’s not too late to dream!