Happy Easter!

April 18, 2014
Bunny Cheetah Wishes You Happy Egg and Rabbit Day

Bunny in a pink cheetah
Decorating eggshells is an old tradition, far older than the Christians. Sumerians and Egyptians put painted eggs and golden ostrich eggs into their tombs; decorated ostrich eggs have been found in Africa that are estimated to be 60,000 years old. Eggs may have been forbidden during the Christian season of Lent and thus decorated and eaten at Easter time.

And yet, there’s no Easter ostrich! Instead we have the Easter Bunny, which seems to have originated in Germany. Around the time of the coming of Spring, a Teutonic goddess named Eostra, the bringer of fertility and rebirth, was celebrated.  Eostra’s symbol was the fast-to-procreate rabbit, and eventually German immigrants introduced an egg-laying bunny called “Osterhase” to the New World.

Osterhase or Easter Bunny, we like her best in Pink Cheetah. Happy Spring!