To say that Nutcase Helmets headquarters in Portland, Oregon is dog friendly is quite the understatement. On any given day, the office has a cast of different doggy characters: from the boss’s beautiful Elsa to Gloria the cute chihuahua.

So we are firm believers in National Dog Day. It’s a great way to make people more aware of the benefits of adopting versus buying a furry companion. We even think there should be a national dogs-on-bikes day. Because we’re big on dogs and we’re also keen on dogs on bikes.

Meghan and Maddy
Product developer Meghan Sinnott started our dogs-on-bikes tradition with her dog Maddy.

Meghan and Maddy 4

“I’ve been bringing Maddy to work since she was about 3 months old, back in October, 2013,” Meghan said. “I thought for sure she was going to get me fired when she decided the boss’s office was her relief area of choice. This office is very supportive.”
Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 10.06.36 AM (1)
Other dogs followed Maddy but none have been featured in quite as many promotional videos and glamour shots as Maddy the terrier mutt has.

Office staff bring dog treats to keep all the different pups happy, Mrs. Nutcase cuddles them all, and dog toys are everywhere.

Megan said that she experimented with different set-ups before getting comfortable with a simple oversized basket on her bike’s front end for Maddy’s bike adventures and their daily bike commute.

Though some people prefer to have their pups leashed to the inside of a cargo bike’s cab or harnessed to a basket or even running alongside on a special bike leash, Meghan said she feels best with Maddy riding ‘freestyle’. That way, if Meghan has to drop or suddenly swerve her bike for any reason Maddy can leap to safety.

Website manager Zach Holz brings his chihuahua Gloria in a front-attached bike pannier, snuggled in a familiar blanket.

Zach and Gloria 3

Ready to take your pooch on a bike-based adventure or a daily commute? Here, here and here are a few great resources for different set-ups that work with different sizes and different temperaments of canines.

Morgan and Roo

Happy National Dog Day. Hug your puppy today. Or put a shot of your furry friend’s bicycle set-up  – and you – on our Instagram feed.