Geared Up 1Much as we hate Summer to end and Fall to begin, Fall has certain compensations. One of them is bike riding when the cool weather comes, in the crisp, clean mornings and leaf-strewn afternoons.

Another is getting your favorite cool-weather gear out of the closet. The Metroride Geared Up is a perfect Summer-to-Fall helmet choice.

It’s got a great quartet of fall colors  with its deep orange center stripe and contrasting black and white thinner stripes and amidst a charcoal background.

Many people don't notice at first glance the subtle bicycle chain-ring patterning on the Geared Up. Once you do, it's a nice additional dimension to the visual appeal of the Geared Up. Renaissance Learning at Riverdale AR360October, 2014

Overall, the helmet is a great complement to all kinds of cycling gear whether it's a rain jacket and bike shorts or a bike-to-boardroom suit.

Nutcase founder Michael Morrow said the Geared Up combines a couple of his favorite things – the color orange, and a design that looks good season after season.

"Geared Up was inspired by my love of dot patterns and high-visibility color," Michael said. "The chain ring pattern is an update on dots. We wanted an image that speaks to daily commuters, that is impactful and manages to be subtle at the same time."

Fall is here - get Geared Up.

Renaissance Learning at Riverdale AR360 October, 2014


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