Fourth Annual Unframed Semi-Finalists Revealed!

We took all 83 submissions to the fourth annual Unframed competition, along with the 277 comments from readers like you, and locked our six judges into a room to decide who should be the next Unframed artist.

Their job wasn’t easy.  Unlike previous years, in 2018 we will produce only one Unframed helmet.  The judges need to find three artists who can work hand-in-hand with our product team to bring their art to life on a helmet.  Only when we see the final art on a real helmet will we be able to determine which design will actually be put into production.

After much debate, our judges have whittled the submissions down to five semi-finalists.  Our judges want to take some time to get to know the artists and their work a bit better before making the decision on who will be the best three to move forward.

As we connect with the semi-finalists and get to know their stories we’ll be sharing what we learn about them on our blog.

From 83 amazing submissions to five rockin’ semi-finalists, then from three hopeful finalists to one talented winner.

Take a look below to see which of the original submissions made it to the semi-finalist round!




Who do you think should make it to the next round?