Quite a few features make a Nutcase helmet special – the little things that you might not know about when you buy a helmet but that become apparent to you over time.

One of the best of these is our Fidlock no-pinch, magnetic buckle. While at first glance that no-pinch buckle might seem like an innovation made especially to keep parents from pinching their kids’ tender neck skin when helping put on a helmet, there’s actually more to the Fidlock.

The Fidlock was designed by inventor Jaochim Fiedler. At first, Fiedler wasn’t looking to make a great helmet latch, he actually started out trying to design a better holder for his cello’s bow. A professional musician, Fiedler had become frustrated with his cello carrying case as he toured the globe, especially the difficulty of keeping the bow safely latched. Eventually he came up with a mechanical magnet fastener to keep his bow in place.

Fidlock Helmet Buckle

From the Fidlock no-pinch, magnetic buckle promotional video.

From there, Fiedler realized that the combination of a magnetic fastener with a mechanical closing function was great for all kinds of items – jackets and belts, as well as bags and helmets. The beauty of the fastener’s design (in addition to not pinching your or your kids’ soft neck skin) is that the buckle is supremely easy to put on and off but after the magnets snap together the mechanical element of the fastener ‘locks’ it securely.

Thus, one-handed operation of the helmet buckles is a cinch – even when wearing gloves. This adds a level of simplicity and safety to the Nutcase Gen3 multi-sport helmet – it’s easy on, and easy off by sliding the buckle laterally, yet also safe and secure during travel, whether riding a bike across town, skimming down a snowy hill, or zooming around a skateboard park.

“Fidlock stands for function and fun,” Fiedler says. “This is exactly the experience we want to create for users.”

Come see the Fidlock on our Gen3 helmets, our just-introduced Metroride, and on the exciting line of Nutcase Unframed artist series helmets at Eurobike from August 27 – 30 (booth FG-WB101) and at Interbike from September 10th to 12th (booth 1079).