July 18, 2014

How San Francsico Personalizes A Nutcase Helmet

Part of our passion for getting fresh art onto city sports helmets is evident in our partnership with Oregon Manifest and their City Helmet Series.

Oregon Manifest is all about designing perfect urban bicycles. Nutcase is all about designing urban sports helmets that people want to wear. And Artcrank is all about bicycle-inspired art.

What you get when you mix that all together is inspiration. We’ve debuted the inspired helmets of the first two artists chosen for the City Helmet Series – from Portland, Oregon and New York City – here and here.

Now we give you San Francisco artist Jessica Henry and her special helmet design.San FranciscoHenry is a San Francisco artist and illustrator who likes to ride bikes in the city of hills, play practical jokes, and bakes her friends a mean pie.

Henry’s bicycle design shows pigeons riding bicycles with the idiosyncratic icons of San Francisco as a backdrop.

Henry says: “ This helmet represents the fun, colorful, whimsical side of San Francisco. Hipster pigeons on bikes racing by SF’s signature painted ladies as the fog inevitably drifts in.”
San Francisco
You can watch Henry’s mesmerizing film of painting the helmet, which will be auctioned on July 25 in San Francisco to benefit Pedal Revolution/New Door Ventures, by clicking here.

For more of Henry’s lovely illustrations of creatures with feathers and without, click here.